Here is All You Need To know About Space Missions

Hello readers, Today we will know about some amazing facts regarding space missions you should know about.

Friends, Humans have been traveling in space for a long time. The work of understanding space was done by humans in the modern era after Galileo, who has contributed a lot to the understanding of space missions.

Space Missions

But due to the specific undertakings mentioned by him, today there are many scientists who consider Galileo as their mentor, and after Galileo, we have carried forward various types of space exploration in different types of fields, in which a discovery The result is also space travel.

We have started doing different types of cosmonauts, it is known that the first space travel was done by Russia. But people do not know much about this too, that is why in today’s article we will give you complete information about the space trips made by humans, that when humans made their first space journey, some memorable things done after that We will give you information about space travel, and in today’s article we will give you information about some of the mysterious things seen by humans.

So let’s start-

Amazing Facts about Space Missions

Sputnik 1 Satellite

This was the first satellite left on Earth by humans in the modern era of human history, which was launched by the USSR i.e. Union of Soviet Social Republics on 4 October 1957 and it was the first man-made instrument that was sent away from the Earth’s atmosphere. It weighed 83 kg and is remembered as a memorable achievement.

Jupiter missile of the US

The US Jupiter missile was launched on 28 May 1959. Under this mission, two monkeys named Able and Baker were sent into space. He was the first living being to go into space and come back. Earlier, in Sputnik 2, the USSR had released a street dog, named Laika, in 1957. But she died within a few hours of further hitting and panic.

The US Jupiter missile mission was the first mission where living beings were sent into space and brought back alive.

Vostok spacecraft of the USSR

When America first sent such creatures who came back alive after going into the living space, then the USSR sent humans to space to fulfill its competition. That man’s name was Yuri Gagarin. Yuri Gagarin was a colonel officer of the USSR Special Air Force who was sent into space on 12 April 1961 by Vostok spacecraft.

Yuri Gagarin got out of his shuttle for about 2 hours and traveled in space, and felt space, with this Russia became the first country, which sent a living person to space and brought him back alive. Erin’s car completed an orbit of the Earth in space and was traveling at a speed of about 17000 miles per hour.

To complete this competition, America sent one of its countrymen, named Allen Shepherd, to space on May 5, 1961, in just a few days or less than a month, it was sent to space on 5 May 1961.

Vostok 6

After this, the USSR sent the first woman into space, whose name was Valentina Tereshkova. Valentina Tereshkova was a former textile worker who was sent into space on 16 June 1963 by Vostok Six. She made 49 revolutions around the Earth in 3 days, and she got slightly injured while I was landing. This was the special moment of space travel when a woman was sent to space for the first time.

Who scored Spacecraft

This was followed by the first spacewalk on 18 March 1965, in which Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov performed his first and the first spacewalk in human history. Alexei Leonov was sent to space by the Voskord spacecraft, and he was sent into space on 18 March 1965 and when he wanted to return to his spacecraft, he had to face a lot of problems. Alexei Leonov said that he thought he would not survive and would remain in space.

Apollo 11 mission

After this comes the historic moment when for the first time in human history a person stepped on the moon.

July 20, 1969, was the day when Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut, took his first steps on the moon, and Armstrong and Edwin were the two astronauts who had almost never landed above the Moon’s surface or above the Moon’s surface. Say 2 hours above.

When Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, he had said one thing which is world-famous today. He had said that “this step is a small statue of mine.