How to Pick the Right Institute for Digital Marketing? (2023)

If you ask any industry or business owner about the ways to pick their business up in case of a lag or a dip, Social Media will be on their go-to list. Reason? That is where all the customers are. That is where all the potential consumers of their products and services are residing.

This brings us down to one inference, no matter how other industries perform, no matter how many ups and downs the entire market sees, Social Media & Digital Marketing as an industry will always be in demand. It is a newly born industry and is actively growing with bigger and better players entering the market.

Even though Social Media is almost two decades old, the industrial use of Social Media took up pace only after the introduction of paid ads. This is now followed by almost every major Social Platform from Instagram to LinkedIn. And in no time, it has become an industry in itself. In this article, you will know more about how to pick the right institute for Digital Marketing.

How to select the right institute for Digital Marketing to grow your Career

So to everyone who is looking for a career, Social Media is a great opportunity to go for. This is one of those few sectors that takes into account the creative ability of a candidate and not the academic and also welcomes people from all educational backgrounds.

Learning Digital Marketing training services. So how to go for the right one. How to choose the perfect one in the crowd of hundreds of institutes. Here’s a checklist that will help you decide:

1) Check Reviews:

For an institute that teaches you the art of maintaining your presence online, they themselves must have a great online presence. So to begin with, check their reviews on various sites online. This includes

  • Their Google My Business page that allows anyone to add a review;
  • Their pages on Facebook and Instagram and look at the kind of reviews and comments they have received from their old students or people who have experienced their learning in one way or the other
  • Quora answers in their name.

2) Get in Touch with Alumni:

Find out the list of their ex-students who have taken up and completed their digital marketing course and get all your queries clarified with them. This can be quickly done by searching on LinkedIn and finding out profiles that have the Institute’s name in them.

Once found, approach them and ask the relevancy & quality of the course, to what extent was the course helpful in fulfilling their objective, was it useful enough for them to land on a job, and if the studies are up to the industry standards. This will give you a first-hand review of people who have undergone the process.

3) Instructors:

Instructors teaching the course can give you a fair amount of clarification about the type of course. Instructors can be of two types, ones who don’t have a fair amount of subject knowledge but are really great trainers, so they teach whatever the course materials they are handed.

The other type of instructors is those who have worked in the field and have gained enough practical knowledge to impart to the students. In the area of Social Media, the best way to get familiar with all the small technicalities is by practicing it. This is because the nature of the Social Media world is highly dynamic. No amount of textbook learning can justify the number of changes that occur every day. Something that is trending and working today may not work after a week.

4) Check the Relevancy of Course Material:

As mentioned before, the dynamic nature of Social Media makes it so very unpredictable. And hence following the same syllabus and digital marketing course material for years and years would not make sense. So check if the course is updated regularly to match the industry requirements.

Apart from that, one should also check if the institute goes beyond textbook learning and gives the students a holistic and practical approach towards the subject.

5) Placements:

If people are enrolling into an institute for the sake of a great career opportunity, it would be a cherry on the top of the institute itself to assist their students in that. There are institutes in the market that just restricts themselves to Digital Marketing training, and there are other institutes that help their students get placed.

This also shows how the institute is well connected with an organization that provides similar services. It just adds to the credibility.

6) Online Presence:

If an institute is teaching you about being relevant and present online, check if they themselves have a decent enough presence in the online ecosphere. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are a few of the basic platforms they are expected to be while YouTube & Quora can come as a bonus. So do thorough research before getting yourself into the right institute.


A lot of other factors go into the selection of the perfect institute. But in the end, what matters is the amount of expertise you gain in the end. If the institute is successful enough to make your organization ready from day-1, then you have succeeded in choosing the right place. What other things do you look to pick the right institute for Digital Marketing?