James Webb Space telescope: World’s Best Telescope is set to launch on Christmas eve

How James Webb Space telescope is different from other Telescope?

As we all know that James Webb Space Telescope has not come into existence yet, But this telescope is going to be much more advanced and far-sighted than the other observable telescope in the future.

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Now, first of all, we will learn about James Webb Space Telescope comprising how it will work and what will be its performance in the universe. Read this article from the very end to get complete information about James Web Space Telescope in Hindi.

Explanation Of James Webb Space Telescope

One law of the universe is paramount if there is day then there will be night and if there is night then there will definitely be morning. When we look at the sky at night, we see countless stars, so humans started searching about it. In the beginning, people and scientists believed that all these are stars. But as people started to study deep, they came to know that the space object visible in the sky is not just stars, but many more.

After proper research of galaxies, planets, nebula, some asteroids, etc, we gain information about the universe. When so much information was gathered about it, people started to have more ambition to study it in more detail and to study it closely, scientists had made the most advanced telescope of the 21st century and named it Hubble Telescope.

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What is the James Webb Space Telescope?

The James Web Space Telescope is a very powerful and advanced telescope that has been built after the Hubble telescope with even more advanced technology. When was the James Webb Space Telescope launched?

About 24 years ago, the construction of the 1996 James Webb Telescope started and today it has been completed. Although it was first to be launched in 2007, in 2005, many changes were made in its design.

After which its launch date was extended for many years and why is it not extended, the world’s most advanced and best technical telescope is being prepared. Then finally in 2016, its work construction has been completely completed, and then after that many initial tests were done and finally in 2019 all its parts have been joined together.

Must Know: When and from where will the James Webb Space Telescope be launched?

A total delay of 7 years has already happened in this scheme. But now the work of the James Webb Telescope has been completely completed and now the time is not far when it will be fully launched. The James Webb Telescope will be launched from French Guiana on 24 December 2021. Although this telescope was scheduled to be launched on December 22, but after the official update of NASA, it has been extended from December 22 to December 24.

How much did the James Webb Telescope cost in total?

The total cost of the James Webb Telescope is Billions of dollars and even if the construction of the world’s most spectacular telescope has not been completed. Although it was to be launched in 2007 itself. Since then, after spending 9.7 billion dollars after many changes, this magnificent telescope has been prepared.

How is it more powerful than the Hubble Telescope?

The James Webb Space Telescope is about to be the most powerful in the world. You can guess its potential from the fact that it has taken more than 7 years to launch it, let’s compare it with the Hubble Telescope.

The mirror diameter of the Hubble Telescope is 2.5 meters, while the primary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope has a diameter of 6.5 meters. Scientists have made this mine even bigger so that it is able to see even farther in space.

Apart from this, the James Webb Space Telescope can be 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Telescope. Apart from this, a sun shield of about 22 meters has been installed on it. Which will protect the earth from the sun’s rays and will be very helpful in keeping its temperature stable.

The James Web Space Telescope will be so spectacular that it will be able to see gas, dust, and stars, and many space bodies behind dense clouds. With the help of which it will be so easy that we can easily study all those space bodies which we cannot see with the space telescope.

How was the James Webb Space Telescope named James Web?

The first was the name of the James Webb Space Telescope (New Generation Space Telescope). But in September 2002 it was renamed and named after former NASA administrator James Webb.

The objective of the James Webb Space Telescope

The many purposes of the Games Webb Space Telescope have been clarified.

• James Webb Space Telescope will be helpful in completing a lot of difficult research related to space in the coming time.

• Dark Energy, Galaxy Formation, countless stars, unicorn black holes, gas, dust, and stars behind dense clouds and many space bodies.

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In today’s article, we have got information about James Web Space Telescope in Hindi. In which we learned that this telescope launched by NASA will show us the pictures of distant space which were almost impossible to see. We hope that you have liked the information about James Webb Space Telescope 2022 given by us, if you liked it, then please share this article as much as possible. Thank you.

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