National Emblem Row: PM Modi unveiled the national emblem atop the new Parliament building

The National Emblem was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the top of parliament’s new building which is the center of attraction on Tuesday and was the exact replica of the one in Sarnath.

Artists say no distortion amid a row over ‘Aggressive lions’ opposition saying it’s ‘it looks aggressive’ duplicate from the Lion Capital at Sarnath

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the National Emblem on the roof of the new parliament building in New Delhi, which is 6.5m long and it is made up of bronze, the 6.5-meter high structure shows lions with bared fangs, unlike the Lion Capital in Sarnath, which comprises four Asiatic lions standing back to back and was adopted as India’s official emblem in 1950.

Hardeep Puri tweeted, “One needs to appreciate the impact of angle, height & scale when comparing the two structures. If one looks at the Sarnath emblem from below it would look as calm or angry as the one being discussed”. He said also in another tweet, “If an exact replica of the original were to be placed on the new building, it would barely be visible beyond the peripheral rail. The ‘experts’ should also know that the original placed in Sarnath is at ground level while the new emblem is at a height of 33 meters from the ground”.

A senior official said that “The Lion Capital of our National Emblem is the adoption of the Lion Capital of Ashoka. Sarnath Lion Capital is around 7 feet and the emblem cast on the new Parliament is around 21 feet. The adaptation of the emblem is the exact copy of the Sarnath, except for the size”.

Rajya Sabha member and BJP chief spokesperson Anil Bulani said that “the real reason behind the Opposition’s allegation is its frustration over India creating its own Parliament building under Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, replacing the one created by the British over 150 years back”. He also said that, “The opposition is totally due to political reasons. Opposition parties want to target Modi for one reason or another. It is just a conspiracy to vitiate the atmosphere by misleading people”. He added this can also be noted that the emblem over the Parliament building is 6.5 meters high, almost three times the one in Sarnath.

He tweeted also that, “The National Emblem atop the new parliament building of India is an adaptation from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka, which is preserved in the Sarnath Museum. There is no change. The opposition is comparing 2D images in print to an imposing 3D structure. They have lost it”.

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