The Positives of Pursuing Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing has become a familiar term in recent years. Especially in India, the boom of digital marketing came at the right time, and so it started flourishing. A milestone would be the Digital India project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2015. Digital identity (aadhaar card), free smartphones, easy availability of internet connection and digital infrastructure made digital available to even the rural parts of the country. The next milestone would be the release of Jio at the same time around. Internet consumption in the country increased tenfold.

Now in India, nearly 10 million daily active internet users monthly, which is the fastest-growing in the world. These series of events led to an increase in digital marketing and an increase in demand for digital marketers.

Reason for Pursuing Digital Marketing as a Career

Ten years ago, there were only a handful of digital marketers who used to develop websites, perform SEO, publish search and social ads. Now, the digital marketing scene is different and has become too broad. It is expected out of a digital marketer to have overall subject knowledge and also to specialize in a niche. Not many aspiring digital marketers know the vast benefits and opportunities that digital marketing holds.

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Rising demand requires an adequate supply

The popular digital marketing industry talk is that there is ademand-supply gap. For the massive job opportunities that we see today, there aren’t many skilled digital marketers who are industry-ready. Digital marketing is a skill that should be acquired and winning in the industry is a different story. The main positive for an aspiring digital marketer is that there is an industry gap, and if you take the right path, you can create magic in the digital arena.

What is the solution to get rid of this experience gap before you are hired to perform tedious tasks/campaigns? The best option for you to gain that knowledge would be to take up a practical digital marketing training program that promises hand-on training. Digital Scholar, Chennai has laid its foundation based on agency-styled learning where you get to work with real-time projects and real-time clients. Concepts are taught to them via case studies and interactive group activities which will give them the confidence to run their campaigns. Digital marketing agencies hire professionals who are ready to work as a team and to promote this quality among students; we give them group assignments.

Career options in digital marketing are plenty

Digital marketing is a broad term, and the job digital marketer does not confine to one single role. It is a collection of various marketing activities done on the internet. Google ads, social media promotions and ads. Setting up a niche for yourself could take a while. You would have to have basic knowledge about the subject before lock your specialization. To do something that interests you is not equal to doing a perfect job with it. Even though you are interested in creating social media content buckets and spreading brand awareness, you wouldn’t be able to excel in it if you aren’t naturally creative. This applies to all the other job profiles in digital marketing.

So, until you start working on different forms of online marketing either by joining a digital marketing institute or by taking up an internship under the mentorship of an expert digital marketer, don’t jump to conclusions.

Work as a freelancer

Naukri, one of India’s biggest online job portals generates 20,000 freelance jobs in India that were updated only during the past month. Digital marketing is an excellent opportunity for people to become their own boss. Plus, you can work at the comfort of your own time and place. To build a career as a. This is where you can shine on your terms and make a name for yourself in the universe of digital marketing.

Loaded with high-paying jobs

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry, and one of the most popular reasons for people to be excited about it is that it is a high-paying job if you possess the right skillset. Marketers are willing to pay the big bucks so that they can hire professionals who would be able to scale their business to the next level. Also, as of today, the supply of skilled digital marketers is meagre, so, so you can demand the market salary and avail the best salary package. Here’s a list of the high-paying jobs in digital marketing as of today:

  • SEO analyst/specialist
  • Social media specialist
  • Content marketer
  • Paid ads manager
  • Campaign managers
  • Online reputation manager
  • Google analytics

There’s room for everyone

It’s not like you have to go through rigorous training for 4-5 years and only then start your career as a digital marketer. Also, anyone from any background can take up digital marketing training programs and become a digital marketer within 2-3 months. It doesn’t matter if you are 60. If you have a passion, you can grasp the skills and become a digital marketer. Digital marketing is always evolving, and there are a lot of changes and updates every single day. The key is to learn while on a day-to-day basis and keep your mind open to changes. Keep updating yourself, and that will take you places.

Moreover, a digital marketing career is full of fun and drives us to stay in the present. For these reasons and more, it is the hottest career path of our generation.