Unbelievable! NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Finally Touched the Sun

When we were a kid, we always used to learn in our sessions that it is impossible for any spacecraft to explore the ultimate ‘Sun’, as it is an extremely hot ball that dissolved every metal in itself, in less than seconds.

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But, Guess what? NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has successfully touched the Sun by eradicating all the customs and traditions mentioned commonly. It has incredibly made the most impossible mission into possible one!

It is extremely shocking, and hardly anyone can believe that Parker Solar Probe Mission of NASA has turn all the expectations and aspirations true, by leaving people into the great surprise.

The Beginning Of Conversion Of Impossible Into Possible (History)

The thought of designing something that would explore the sun would took place in year 1858 by a group of scientists.

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Fundamentally, they’ve decided to design a spacecraft that can resist the immense heat of the Sun in order to gather more and more about the Sun and vast universe, yet it was too knotty and tricky task to implement in reality in that century.

Also, it was quite demoralising that they had to face failure even till the year 2000 due to lack of advanced technology, gadgets and tactics, which can overturn it true.

What’s complicated About the Sun?

The Sun is a star, which is considered as the symbol of extreme heat, yet there are still so many bodies in universe which are much hotter than the biggest star, Sun.

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Being made up of plasma of elements such as Hydrogen & Helium, which straightforwardly signifies that there are no such rigid surface present on the Sun, which can hold any objects on it.

That’s the reason, why it was a bone-broken task to peform out in real.

What is Corona; An Atmosphere Surrounds the Sun

Corona is termed as the outer atmosphere of the Sun in which high rated and ionised gases revolves around a Sun at a higher pace.

Drastically, the corona is a covering layer, where Sun’s gravitational force is utmost high and due to this, sometimes, the high speed ionised articles broke the layer and diversify into entire universe, which is called as Solar Winds.

Specialization Of The Solar Parker Probe

The Solar Parker Probe was intently launched on 12 August, 2018 with great amount of aspirations in itself. And, On 21 December, 2021, it has finally make it done by touching the surface of our Vitamin-D source, Sun.

1- The solar parker probe, NASA’s one of the recent missions, have crossed this above mentioned Corona layer, and will further constantly move around the sun till its existence, to explore the concealed information of the universe.

Credit- NASA/John Hopkins Apl

2- It was scripted and strategised that the Solar Parker Probe Spacecraft have to travel with multiple solar orbits to cross the Corona layer, and exactly the same has strategically happened.

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3- As soon as Parker Probe has covered its 8th solar orbital journey, it has finally reached the Corona layer, and successfully attained it as well. It’s undoubtedly a cheerful time to celebrate the success of stern efforts and endeavors of more than 60 years of our laudable scientists.

Unforgettable Journey Of The Solar Parker Probe

The close approach of the parker probe is significantly termed as Perihelion, occurred at 4:25 a.m. EST (8:25 UTC), moving with a pace of 364,660 miles per hour (586,864 kilometers per hour).

This milestone also underlined the midway location in the mission’s 10th solar encounter, which started on 16 Nov and go through the 26 Nov respectively.

Current Health Status Of Parker Probe Mission

The spacecraft is luckily in good health, with all the functions operating excellently.

Despite facing immense challenges to encounter the Sun, the Solar Parker probe spacecraft has not lost its sense of spirit, and now it’s all set to transmit science data, involving properties, structure, and functioning of the solar winds and atmosphere that existed around the Sun.

NASA: Deserving Great Round of Applause

NASA has always been something that people are looking for. Leading thousands of victorious and affluent space missions, NASA has now won millions of hearts and appreciation globally.

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