What happens when Nereus Asteroid 4660 collide with Earth?

In today’s article, we will talk about the increasing destruction from the sky towards the earth. The largest asteroid named Nereus Asteroid 4660 may collide with the Earth. This large rock revolving around the Sun, which we know as Nereus 4660 (Narius). They are moving fast towards the earth. It has been reported from sources that this Nereus Asteroid will pass through the Earth on December 11 Which is a complete sign of devastation.

Who discovered Nereus Asteroid 4660 and when?

Asteroid 4660 Nereus was first discovered on 28 February 1982 by Eleanor F. Helin.

About Nereus Asteroid 4660

Asteroid Nereus is a rock about 330 meters wide and according to scientists, it (Asteroid 4660) is said to come close to 2.5 million miles of Earth on December 11 Which is about 10 times the distance of the Earth and the Moon, so the general public cannot be at great risk of it.

What is Nereus Asteroid 4660 formed of & What does it cost?

According to scientists, Nereus Asteroid 4660 may have iron, nickel, and cobalt. You will be stunned to hear the price of which, according to scientists, it has been priced in millions of dollars. America’s space agency

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