Must Know; Strange Facts Based On James Webb Space Telescope

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What is the current status of James Webb Space Telescope in 2021? (Live Update)

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the agency’s successor to the senior most Hubble Telescope, is planned to launch on the occasion of Christmas in 2021. Along with this, it is scheduled that it will launch via Ariane 5 Rocket from the place named Guiana Space Centre, which is typically located in Kourou, French Guiana, timing 7:20 am EST (1220 GMT).

Will the James Webb Space Telescope replace the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope?

It is quite questionable that whether the James Webb Space Telescope will replace the Hubble. However, scientists have clearly stated that, The Webb and Hubble missions are expected to function together. Also, it is indeed that the Hubble will only function as long as its instruments are in working condition.

Can astronauts repair the Webb as they did with Hubble?

Unlike Hubble, the James Webb’s orbit location is farther than Hubble, which is located just above the earth’s surface. Also, Webb is not designed in such manner that it can get serviced. The minimum science mission of webb is expected to 5-10 years, and it has a laudable and creditable instruments that can sophisticatedly work as per the mission.

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How much time would Webb take to reach its orbit?

Webb is an efficient and marvellous space telescope, having scheduled to travel for about a month to reach its orbit. For instance, its orbit are located at the second Sun-Earth Lagrange Point, known as, [L2], almost 1.5 million kilometre from Earth.

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Why won’t Webb placed in low Earth orbit (LEO) which is the area of getting serviceable easily?

As it is crucial to be kept at cool location to calculate the exact heat coming from the objects in the universe, unlike Hubble, the Webb can be cool for a long period of time.

Complete Overview On James Web Space Telescope

What is the expected time to see the first image capture by James Webb Space Telescope?

As Webb reached to the orbit, it will undergo science and calibration testing. Subsequently, regular science images and operations will kick-start to arrive, approximately 7 months after launch.