Boom! Get an Exclusive Live Streaming Of James Webb Space Telescope

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

The most awaited day, James Webb Space Telescope‘ launch, is now only a step ahead of its final setoff. Standing 53 metres high on its mobile launch platform, James Webb’s is targeted to send over 1.5 million kilometres far from the Earth, with the assistance of Europe’s most powerful rocket, Ariane-5.

People all over the world, expected a lot from the James Webb Space Telescope, that it would surely reveal all the mysterious truths deprived of the

James Webb Space Telescope on the launchpad. (Photo: ESA)

Great Launch Of The James Webb Telescope: Ready to Create History

The James Webb Space Telescope got deployed from the French Guiana, the final assembly building, where it reached through sailing in location Panama.

The great monitor and specialised environment steering affixed with Ariane-5 will keep the observatory in a regulated temperature and within humidity ranges respectively.

The Ariane-5 which will launch the James Webb Telescope on Christmas Eve was transported via rails to the launch location from the conclusive preparation building. And, here, concluded health checklist and facilitation for setoff will get the final shape.

Waiting for Christmas eve, the rocket will get filled with Liq. Hydrogen and Liq. Oxygen as well. And, it would happen via launch table thoroughly.

Preparations Amid Culminating Of James Webb

All things undergo stern regulations amid the culmination of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), under which the popular space agency, The European Space Agency has stated that:

The conclusive electrical and software configurations will also be ensured on the launch pad, where James Webb affixed to wait for its liftoff.


At the same time, the entire team ensures all the other diagnostics to reassure the checklist requisite for launch.


It is pertinent to make all the tests active and fulfil before liftoff, of course, it’s high time for history to have look over the unique instrument once again, after Hubble Space Telescope.

Before the 20 minutes of its launch, Webb will undergo switching to an internal battery system, and once only 15 minutes would remain, its launch vehicle and observatory will roll out for a grand and swanky flight.

Where Will Ariane-5 Fall James Webb Telescope?

The telescope will be in a six-month commissioning period after being deployed following a 26-minute ride aboard the Ariane 5 launch vehicle. The Ariane 5 will deploy the telescope directly into the second Lagrange point (L2), a location nearly four times farther away than the Moon and 1.5 million kilometres from Earth in the direction away from the Sun.

Goals Of the Webb

The spacecraft will typically study the nature and existence of a certain variety and the existing diversity of exoplanets. Apart from this, it will also go to explore the atmosphere indistinguishable from Earth’s.

Meanwhile, it will also search the symptoms of prime substances, complex organic molecules, including methane, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, in aspiration of discovering the prime-pillar of life.

Aiming at our own solar system, James Webb will also study the outer planets, as a number of planets resemble Uranus and Neptune. And, it would be so mysterious to know how James Webb Space Telescope performs its role in the marvellous field of Astronomy.

How to watch NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launch online?

The space agency’s largest and brand new space telescope is rolled out its launching on 25 December,7:20 am EST, (5:50 pm IST), from French Guiana.

On 25 December 2021 (Today), you can watch streaming Live in English-Language virtual events on NASA Live and on as well. It will also get live on social media platforms ie Facebook by NASA.

Also, you can watch out for the grand launching in the below link-

James Webb Space Telescope Live Launch