What are Asteroids? (An Overview)

Asteroids can be very small in size and can be large. It can be as big as a pea grain in size and can be bigger than a mountain. But one thing is very clear that it cannot be as big as a planet, that’s why they were named asteroids.

Which is the largest asteroid?

1 Ceres and 4 Vesta These are the largest asteroids and are found only in our solar system. 1 Ceres was sighted on 1 January 1801, and 4 Vesta was sighted on 29 March 1807.

Which is the smallest asteroid?

Tc25 is the smallest Where are asteroids found?

Asteroids are found in the asteroid belt. These asteroids can be in the ring of any planet in which asteroids can be found. They are sometimes called satellites due to their large size. But it is the asteroids that revolve around planets like the Sun. Or else they revolve around the planets of any other solar system. Such a planet also includes the planet Mars and Jupiter and also includes the planet Saturn, and the planet Yama.

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In whose orbits are asteroids found?

Asteroids are found in the orbits of much middle class and large planets and also take their origin from any other planet. These asteroids are found in large quantities in space. Their most appropriate place is the orbits of the big planets. And they are also found on their Asteroid Belt. and are also found in their inner classes. Even on Earth, asteroids keep falling in our atmosphere many times. The last time a giant asteroid fell, the dinosaur species died on Earth.

How are asteroids formed?

About 5000 million years ago, when our solar system was being formed, at the time of the formation of our planets, due to some soil piles and pieces of stone, the big planets in themselves could not be formed. Due to which they started moving in space by becoming asteroids and after some time started circling the Sun, but later when the big planets started taking origin in themselves, then these asteroids started joining the orbit of the planets and through this were left.

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Physical features of asteroids

If the asteroids are not at their full speed, then the temperature here is very cold. Because it is found far away from the Sun and the planets. Sometimes it can also be found covered with snow. Their shape can be several 100 kilometers. And can be a few feet bigger.

There are some such asteroids in our solar system which also have their own moons. The number of such planets is more than 150 and some have more than two moons.

At present, the moons of Mars, Phobos, and Divos, are both asteroids, that is, asteroids.